Linda McCulloch

Designs That Work: Celebrating 25 years in business

“There is still a lot of competition out there, I will say that, but what we bring to the table, I like to think, is not only years of experience, but the attention to what the client is trying to accomplish with their marketing or branding.  Our goal is not just to create pretty stuff or stuff that wins awards.  Our goal is to create designs that work.  That’s where the name came from.  It’s supposed to help the client sell their product, service, raise funds or awareness.”

Robert Wilson

Motivational Speaker with an extensive advertising & writing background.  He is based in Atlanta. 

“I was asked by Georgia State University to teach a class for small business owners and how to do their own advertising.   Over 60 people in the class were media sales reps and writers for ad agencies.  I started marketing my program as a seminar around the country through media outlets and their associations.  This included speaking on topics that were more fun to me such as innovation and how to harness innovation, to think more creatively, and apply that to your business.” 

“Printed book sales were falling and e-book sales were rising.  Initially, I wanted to publish my work for the kindle.  As soon as I did that, I started getting requests for printed copies.  I got wonderful reviews on Amazon from readers.” 

Robert’s website:

Donna Satchell

Greater Atlanta area: Achievement Speaker, Success Skills Trainer, Purpose & Passion Coach 

“I always tell people don’t just go for something that sounds good.  Make sure somehow if it doesn’t reflect your personality, which it should, but if it doesn’t at least reflects your business.  Where you’re going with your business, there’s something there beyond the words that just sound good.”

“Also, understanding about trade-marking, registering trademark and taking the time to understand all of that, helps someone to become more comfortable with moving in that direction.  I often would think that another way to start developing is pulling together a group of colleagues and brainstorming.  Because that’s what I originally did before I came up with Just Get Serious.”  

Featured Panelists

Marsha Haygood

Motivational Speaker/Career & Life Coach: Founder of StepWise Associates, LLC.

Bestseller author: Laws of Leadership for Black Women released in 2010

“We wrote this book because we were so passionate about sharing our experiences with a bigger audience.  We were pulling our dreams out of storage.  It’s real important to think about your personal brand when you’re in the service industry.  I am my brand…I need to live my values.”

Simone Kelly

Give & Take: Founder and Owner: Own Your Power Communications

“I started out of college in consulting offices.  My background was in entertainment with SONY, specializing in Marketing and Advertising.  Entertainment was my world.  I was director at HBO for a website all about bringing people together.  Give & Take is a networking site for professional women.  I was one of the people behind that.  That’s where I got my social media background.”    

“Over the years, I was in business and social media.  It was about balancing a full-time job and family.  I was giving advice on how to balance time once I was certified in coaching.  It was based on networking effectively and having a goal in mind.  I tried to focus on less business and more spiritual focus by organizing private retreats.”